NZ Wood Programme


In a world facing dwindling resources, atmospheric pollution and global warming, wood represents our most renewable raw material, a truly natural product which can be grown and consumed indefinitely.

Collectively the forestry and wood industry is New Zealand’s third largest industry contributing an enormous amount to our economy and making up over 12% of New Zealand’s export earnings.

As a member of NZ Wood, Purepine Mouldings Limited’s business practices are in line with those of this organisation.


The CodeMark product certification programme is administered in New Zealand by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The CodeMark Certificate of Conformity provides a nationally accepted compliance with the NZBC giving confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market.
Products obtaining CodeMark certification shall be accepted by any Building Consent Authority.

Purepine’s Smartclad™ Weatherboard system has CodeMark certification. This ensures that all aspects of the manufacture and production of the products are subject to independent third party audits.

CodeMark certification encompasses all aspects from manufacture to installation and to maintain CodeMark certification the Smartclad Weatherboard system must be installed as per the installation instructions contained within our SmartClad™ Technical Manual.

To comply with the CodeMark programme only Smartclad™ specific components must be used where applicable. Full details of these products and installation information is contained within our SmartClad™ Technical Manual.


Smartclad™ bevelback weatherboard cladding system with the hidden fixing clip system, has been independently assessed by BRANZ and has been appraised as being suitable for New Zealand Building Code compliance.


Sustainability is a vital policy for us.

We source all our logs from sustainable plantation forests found around the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Poverty Bay and choose with great care to ensure they meet the specifications of the products required from them.

Optimising the timber to reduce wastage is vital. To this end we are use highly customised technology based systems to maximise the amount of timber we can use. Being efficient everywhere is important. A good example is the use of waste sawdust and shavings as bio fuel to produce heat for the kiln drying operation.

We believe this type of focus is paramount to sustainable outcome for future generations.

SmartCladTM products can be viewed at the Home Ideas Centres in Auckland and Wellington.

Talk to your architect or home designer today about using SmartcladTM weatherboards for your next home.