Sustainability is a vital policy for us. Radiata Pine, is the sustainable resource that’s helping to build a better future.

Responsible forest management

We source all our logs from sustainable plantation forests found around the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Poverty Bay and choose with great care to ensure they meet the specifications of the products required from them.

Radiata Pine Forest
OptiCut technology-Purepine factory

Optimising production

To be competitive as well as cost effective, optimising the timber to reduce wastage is vital. To this end we are using OptiCut technology from Michael Weinig to maximise the amount of timber we can use.
It goes beyond that though. Being efficient everywhere in the operation is important. A good example is the use of waste sawdust and shavings as bio fuel to produce heat for the kiln drying operation.
Increased production has also meant the need for an efficient dust extraction and collection system.

Waste recovery

To this end we recently had dust extraction specialists Viking Ironcraft manufacture and install a collection system and hogger with a 50,000 cubic metres per hour air volume, which enabled us in turn to increase our recovery of waste by between 30 to 50%.
The hogger reduces the waste further in size, enabling existing waste storage bins to hold approximately one third more waste and making the heatplant for the kilns more efficient.
We have installed an EcoVent-Solar 3 heat recovery system developed by Mahild Drying Technologies, which when fitted to a medium temperature kiln, reduces the energy output required by up to 30%.
Purepine kiln drier, Te Puke
Weatherboard enviro spray primer

Friendly on the environment

We use 699 Enviro Prime on all our pre-primed products. This is less harmful to the environment as it is a fast drying waterborne acrylic lacquer primer. Enviro prime contains only 4% VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) per litre of paint, compared with an enamel paint which contains 55% VOC per litre of paint.
When it comes to glue, we choose PureBond HB SO29. This is because it is more environmentally friendly than other glues. PureBond adhesives are formaldehyde-free and contain no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). This is important for workers in the manufacturing plant and end users. There is also no significant emissions of isocyanate.

Sustainability is paramount to a profitable future.

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