Basic Installation Guide

Step 1: Position the starter boards

(When using the SmartClad™ Hidden fixing system.)

  • Correct alignment of the starter board is the key to a perfect job. Take time to position this board as accurately as possible.

  • Position the starter board so that it overlaps the concrete base of foundation by at least 50mm.

  • Confirm that the board is level with a laser or string line.

  • Nail the starter board to the bottom plate of the framing 75 to 100mm up from the bottom base board.

  • For best results, use a pre-shaped scriber or a self-made story rod as a set out guide to ensure the weatherboards line up with heads of windows.

  • Fix top of starter board with SmartClip and 65mm 8-gauge screw.

For full installation details see our Technical manual.


Step 2: Install each weatherboard

  • Fit the angled groove on the reverse of the SmartClad™ Weatherboards over the SmartClips along the length of the previous board. The board will sit in place with little effort while you prepare to secure it.

  • Fit the SmartClip into the rebate on the top of the weatherboard, making sure the clip is angled upwards.

  • With a little downward pressure on top of the board, screw the clip into place using the 65mm x 8-gauge screw, using the angled hole in the clip as a guide.

  • If needed, give the weatherboard a gentle downward tap with your hammer to make sure it is seated firmly.

  • To ensure you achieve the correct vertical cover of each board, use a pre-shaped scriber as a story rod while you install the weatherboards. This assists the correct fit of the pre-shaped scribers, window facings and box corners once the cladding is installed.

Step 3: Finishing

  • Prime cut ends — more paint will help seal the timber from moisture uptake and reduce dimensional movement.

  • Paint SmartClad™ Weatherboards as soon as possible to maintain their pristine finish.

  • The use of a high quality Acrylic top coat with an LRV of 45 or higher is advised. Ensure a minimum of 150 microns is applied, the more paint applied will aid performance over time.

For full installation details see our Technical manual.