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Does PurePine have an eco-friendly policy?2016-11-17T08:55:38+13:00

Yes. The logs for all Purepine Mouldings products are produced from renewable New Zealand radiata pine. Raw logs are made into SmartClad weatherboards and 130 product lines. Residual waste, even sawdust, is converted into energy to help fuel the factory. The on-site processing is so clean, there is virtually no carbon emission.

Will using SmartClad save me time?2016-11-17T08:55:39+13:00

Yes. It has been estimated that proficient builders will save considerable application time compared with traditional weatherboard installation.

Where can I buy SmartClad?2016-12-01T14:07:23+13:00

From approved timber merchants and regular building supply companies. Talk to your architect or home designer today about using SmartcladTM weatherboards for your next home.

Is SmartClad patented?2016-10-26T08:52:57+13:00

Yes, in New Zealand and internationally.

Does this system apply to all weatherboards?2016-10-26T08:55:15+13:00

No. Only SmartClad weatherboards.

Is the system accurate?2016-10-26T08:55:22+13:00

Yes. The system has been designed so all the components fit neatly together.

How is SmartClad unique?2016-10-26T08:55:47+13:00

The fixing is unseen, so doesn’t damage the front face of the board. It also has a range of ready-made components.

Is SmartClad expensive?2016-10-26T08:56:00+13:00

No. The system is no more expensive than any other weatherboards. Just better!

What about finishing?2016-10-26T08:56:11+13:00

The painter will need to give a light sand just to key the paint, as is normal.

Are the boards primed?2016-10-26T08:56:45+13:00

Yes, all four sides.

What else comes in the system?2016-10-26T08:57:00+13:00

Pre-formed window facings, scribers and corners, so the installer doesn’t have to laboriously cut them to fit.

Is it suitable for recladding existing homes?2016-10-26T08:57:19+13:00

It’s ideal! The speed of installation makes it the most appropriate choice.

Can I use it by myself?2016-10-26T08:57:28+13:00

Yes of course, although an extra pair of hands will naturally make life easier.

What makes it unique?2016-10-26T08:57:57+13:00

A little plastic clip, the SmartClip.

Can anyone use the system?2016-10-26T08:58:27+13:00

Yes. Professional builders prefer it, and DIY builders have no problems using it.

Is SmartClad easy to use?2016-10-26T08:58:49+13:00

Yes. There are only 3 simple steps.

Who invented it?2016-10-26T08:59:04+13:00

Jeff Tanner, co-owner of Purepine Mouldings Limited, Te Puke, New Zealand

What makes the system special?2016-10-26T08:59:14+13:00

The weatherboard fixing is hidden behind the boards.

What are the main benefits of the SmartClad system?2016-10-26T08:59:27+13:00
  • No drilling
  • No nailing
  • No puttying
  • No face damage
Why should I use this system?2016-10-26T08:59:35+13:00

To save time, effort and money when installing timber weatherboards and obtain a superior finish.

What kind of weatherboards?2016-10-09T16:56:10+13:00

The traditional radiata pine bevelled back profile, produced in New Zealand for over 80 years.

What is SmartClad?2016-10-26T08:51:20+13:00

SmartClad™ is a hidden fixing system for traditional timber weatherboards.

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